Recently, someone asked me the question, “Can you be a good, ethical, authentic person and still make a lot of money?” To me, the answer was quite clear – yes !!!

For some reason, though, many people seem to think that if you are making a difference and doing what you love, that means you can’t possibly bring home the big bucks at the same time. Either because they truly believe it isn’t possible or because they feel shameful that they are charging for something that “should” be a gift to the world.

Regardless of the reasons, this kind of thinking – placing money and love at two ends of the spectrum – holds you back from fulfilling your bigger purpose.

Not that long ago, I was also in the shame-on-me for wanting wealth bucket. There I stood, believing that I’d be rejected by others if I showed any signs of success doing what I loved. The guilt was even worse when it came to helping others who were less financially sound than I am.

But when I tested my thinking, what I discovered was quite the opposite. The more I was transparent about my lifestyle, even when things my success seems a little glamorous, the more at ease I became. By talking about my success, I stopped hiding. And no one to date has ever said a word (except my inner critic) about what I charge for my services.

Today, instead of wallowing in guilt, I view my business through a money-love lens. Want to try on a pair of these awesome glasses I learned to wear?

First, give yourself permission to be a rebel. Look more closely at ways that you can profit by doing what you love. Release the old paradigm that very few people actually get to love the work they do – and profit from it.

And find a new way of thinking if even a little piece of you says it’s unfair to profit from helping others.

You have every right to earn a living by doing what you love; your secrets have a genuine value. Sharing your wisdom and life story will help others find immense fortune in their lives. Your wisdom, shared, might save someone time, money, pain or just help them enough to get back on their own success track. Making your difference in your way is just as valuable as any other service if you let it be.

The Way in Which YOU profit from your passions is what makes all the difference. Let me explain…

The more that you love your audience, the more money you’ll make. So, instead of focusing on trading a service or product for dollars, focus on how you can help people. Educate them on how you can help make their lives better, and then let them come to you with their money. (If you’ve done a good job, they’ll be running.)

Just as the old belief on profiting from your passions has changed, so has the way that we sell our products or services. Consumers are smarter and they want to feel connected and well-cared about by the brands they give their money to.

Therefore, the most successful businesses are the ones that show the most love to their audiences. They participate in activities that build a community of loyal, interested tribe members around them that love what they have to offer.

These four ideas will get you immediately into a frame of mind that shows your audience that you love them:

  1. Free Gifts
    Here’s the theory: if you give away lots of free information to those who need your services, you do not need to feel even a smidgen of guilt over the ones who cannot afford you.Likewise, anyone who does not want to work with you, per se, can still reap the rewards of connecting with your brand. And once they see how great you are, chances are they will tell others who just might become paying customers.
  2. Be an Engaging Resource
    Social media is not a one way street; it is a dialogue. Ask your tribe members what they think, what they want to see you create for them, and for help when you need a solution to a problem.Psst…people love to be asked for their help.

    Reaching out and connecting to your audience shows that you care about their ideas, thoughts and opinions. By keeping them engaged in your business, you will get their buy-in. People are more likely to support ideas that they directly contributed to. This means stop broadcasting and start interacting.
  3. Put the Spotlight on Clients
    Let your clients be the rock stars. Give them the credit for accomplishments by featuring them at their best so others can be inspired by what they’ve done with you. In fact, this can feel really good for you too. This strategy is really effective for those who’d rather be behind the camera, too, since it takes the literal focus off of you. (Oh, you’ll still be recognized, don’t worry.)
  1. Love them Up – Get Personal
    If you appreciate a well-written blog, or saw a very creative idea that inspired you, tell the person in your tribe you liked it. Again, dialogues are important in this fast-paced digital world.You have to give back to your followers just as much as they give to you. If you see someone always re-tweeting you, or sharing your Facebook content, give them two free tickets to your next event.Research shows time and time again that when you say, Thank You to twitter followers they are more likely to repeat the actions that gained them the positive reinforcement (i.e. Thanks for the retweet @<handle>)

If you find yourself feeling stuck on how to start building a community around you, consider hiring a mentor that can guide you though the process. This can be as simple as bounding your free offer ideas off of a person who has been there, done that.

Likewise, if you have already enacted these steps to attract buyers but are not getting any new clients, it’s time for you to consult with me. Let’s take a look at why you aren’t getting the results you want. I can help turn your Wisdom Into Wealth.