“Feelings of self-doubt and panic are tough to overcome and often make you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. The Coach Training World training provided such a comprehensive framework for learning – not just how to coach but how to market your coaching and grow your business – that I now feel I have the training necessary to begin a real exploration of this profession. I’m empowered to move forward with my own business as a result of the coach training experience, having gained the skills and confidence necessary to take my career to the next level.

The teaching method at Coach Training World is very hands-on, incorporating practice opportunities that allowed me to feel confident in each new skill and immediately apply them to my own practice. Plus, the connections I made with those who were going through Baraka’s coach training with me were invaluable. You get to know everybody on a personal level and feel their support as you progress together.

As a school social worker, I see great potential in group coaching and parent coaching. Coach Training World has opened my vision to coaching not just as a singular enterprise, working with individuals, but as something that can help groups and organizations advance from where they are now to where they want to be. I envision using my coaching skills and knowledge gained through Coach Training World to specialize in several unique niches of life coaching.

I was looking for a new opportunity that would provide the personal freedom associated with creating my own business, without limiting me geographically. At the same time, I was also looking for a profession that would be a logical outgrowth or extension of what I do now. Life coaching was the perfect fit! It’s client-driven and not reliant on diagnosing or creating labels to fit a certain set of criteria. Plus, although I live in the Midwest, my life coaching practice isn’t limited to one particular area. I can work from anywhere, with clients located throughout the world.

In life, we all have unfulfilled goals. The benefit of coaching provides dynamic opportunities that truly help people reach their goals in ways they would otherwise not have been able to accomplish without it. It’s a rewarding relationship, both for the coach and the clients, and provides a competitive level of income when compared to professions in related fields. And that’s the most powerful thing about coaching: so many people benefit from it!”

~ Janelle Peotter, Certified Professional Coach