You’ve heard all of the spin lately on introversion and extroversion, right? Whether you fall on one end of the spectrum or the other, at some point you’ve had to navigate an interaction or event that either felt like too much or too little stimuli.

Imagine trying to navigate that as a single woman — swipe left, swipe right, send a wink; or go on a lunch date, casual drink, or dinner date — it’s a lot to take in.

It wasn’t that long ago that society categorized introverts as missing something that extroverts had. However, current research shows that 30 to 50 percent of humans fall on the introverted spectrum, almost half the population. That would be like saying that women are women simply because they lack what men have (insert punch line here). But, just like women and men have their own unique strengths, so do introverts and extroverts.

Listen in on a conversation between Coaches Carol Merwin and Sarah Budd as they discuss how to find love, gain confidence, and unpack the baggage associated with being categorized as an introvert or extrovert.

It’s not a static trait; it’s a dance between two worlds. The fundamental key is balance. If you can understand what charges your batteries, then you can find the language to advocate for your needs.

When two coaches find their tribe, the positive impact for their clients can be a game-changer.

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