Caitlin Williams, MFA, WPCC

is a certified Whole Person Life Coach offering transformational coaching through a holistic & balanced approach in combination with Recovery tools to assist clients in the following areas: Intuitive Eating, Recovery/12-Step, Fine & Performing Arts/Creativity, Life Transitions, Career Exploration, Self-Esteem/Positive Self-Image, and Assertiveness.

Being You. Being Well.

Wellness (Health or Lifestyle) coaching focuses on sustainable healthy lifestyle changes — behavioral changes that enhance both your well-being and happiness. A wellness coach supports you to achieve your desired health and fitness goals which may include: stress management, weight-loss, or other lifestyle changes. The program’s design stems absolutely from your desired outcome and is shaped solely by your agenda in any given session.

The beauty of wellness coaching is that it supports your efforts to attain a healthy lifestyle while providing the tools and techniques needed to not only reach your goals more rapidly but also maintain these positive changes well into the future.

What is wellness coaching?

Wellness coaching is based on the philosophy that when holistically balanced and well, living the lifestyle that suits your individuality, you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose; victorious. When correctly employed, lifestyle coaching allows you to more readily understand your higher sense of purpose and provides you with the tools necessary to achieve your lifestyle goals. Lifestyle coaching looks at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life and works toward bringing those aspects into harmony.

A Wellness Coach works in partnership with you exploring your goals, habits, values, attitudes, perceptions, life choices, habits and barriers. You then discover and begin utilizing your unique talents, abilities, passions, desires and sense of purpose to manifest holistic wholeness, personal fulfillment and life success.

Who would benefit from wellness coaching?

Just about any one could benefit from whole person wellness coaching, including those wishing to:

  • Set clear fitness and health priorities and goals
  • Find a solution to permanent weight management
  • Develop a support network of supportive people
  • Improve time management, reduce stress and eliminate procrastination
  • Develop consistent motivation to maintain an exercise inclusive lifestyle
  • Understand undesirable habits and be able to replace them with healthier ones
  • Take responsibility for follow-through on declarations made for desired lifestyle plan
  • Enjoy a more satisfying personal and/or professional life
  • Create a balanced, harmonious life

What can you expect from working with a Whole Person Wellness Coach?

Here are a few reasons individuals seek the assistance of a Wellness Coach:

A wellness coach will help you restore, achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Together you discover the essence of who you are and who you want to become. When you are struggling with self-limiting beliefs such as procrastination, fear or resistance to change, your coach will provide insight and encouragement. You profit by actively engaging in processes that help you understand your own personal roadblocks. Your coach is committed to helping you remain focused and establish the mindset you need to make lasting changes and will also challenge you to become successful in reaching your chosen goals. As you achieve a milestone, your coach will help you evaluate, acknowledge and celebrate your success.

Your wellness coach will work with you to strengthen the foundations of your life, helping to set up supportive systems, resources and networks. This is an essential part in developing your action plan for change. Your commitment to open, honest communication with your coach can yield a balanced, vibrant, happy life.

Partnering with the right coach will unquestionably improve your life! A successful coach/client alliance provides discovery, enlightenment and direction on the path to your lifestyle vision, aligning what’s most important to you with your chosen goals. A wellness coach can empower you to reach or even exceed your wellness goals, make ready for healthy relationships or tackle many other aspects of life.

Do you need wellness coaching?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed out?
  • Are you stuck in habits that sabotage your health?
  • Are you unsatisfied with the body you’re in?
  • Are you familiar with healthy eating habits but don’t actually do them?
  • Are you neglecting yourself, your family, and/or your work?
  • Do you just react to life versus creating the life you want?
  • Are you seeking a personalized program?
  • Ready to remove barriers to success and make changes that last?
  • You need a new approach.

Your wellness coach will help you break out of self-defeating behaviors instead of allowing the continuance of a purely reactive mode; set and achieve proactive goals and reward you for doing so! Your life coach will unfetter you so you may accomplish more than you thought possible!

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