Whole Person Coaching® (WPC) is a holistic transformational learning process that leverages the body-mind connection. It is based on the premise that when you fully embrace and embody your whole self as a way of being you can create a life that is uniquely your own.

Whole Person Coaching assists coaches and clients alike to modify their own behavior so they can be who they want to be and function at their best regardless of what else is going on in life, or who else is around them.

One of the secrets of Whole Person Coaching is its Whole Brain approach

At Coach Training World, we feel it’s essential to help your clients develop and expand their potential by deepening their whole brain’s capacity.

When your brain was first developing its focus was on a single task: keeping you alive.

To achieve that primal goal, it continuously surveyed your surroundings for physical and emotional input. From this it developed into a complex organ capable of many tasks.While those initial developmental years certainly shaped how your brain developed, your brain is always changing. Leveraging a transformational learning process like Whole Person Coaching, you can enhance the way in which your brain and mind function. This allows you to be even more effective at accomplishing your goals and self-actualize along the way.

Our brains have been shown to work in the following ways: (The short list)

  • It’s a learning machine. It takes what your sensory organs pick up (see, hear, smell, taste, and touch) then makes sense out of what you experience. As a Whole Person Coach, you invite your clients to see the whole of their experiences within their minds and out in their world. Doing so generates a radical sense of clarity which leads to greater understanding and confidence. While change is often seen as “out there” in a person’s life, real change happens within the clients mind and body. 
  • It’s an alarm system. It keeps you alert and aware of what could be potentially dangerous. It also awakens you to opportunity. As a Whole Person Coach, your process assists clients to self-discover any blind spots and to step out of reactive or otherwise self-sabotaging behaviors. This allows them to feel calm and at peace within regardless of the chaos or conflict around them. Having perspective brings about choice.
  • It solves problems. It helps you reason, problem-solve, prioritize, analyze perspectives, and make decisions. As a Whole Person Coach, the way in which you engage your client’s “whole brain” strengthens their mental capabilities and enhances their mindset. In essence, your clients become highly effective in how they think, solve and perceive their world. Which allows them to become unstoppable, and truly able to figure things out for themselves.
  • It reads people (and their emotions). These emotional cues help you promptly respond to someone or react to something (relationships!) As a Whole Person Coach, you help clients to find a sense of security and safety in who they are. This enables them to cultivate and enjoy healthy relationships infused with meaningful communications.
  • It helps envision. Your brain allows you to visualize your greatest potential… as well as every conceivable worst-case scenario. As a Whole Person Coach, you learn to help your clients to embrace their wholeness. As they truly come to know who they are, inside and out, and on the deepest levels. The insights they gather from this place of self-understanding allow them to create a life that reflects the whole of who they are at their best. And most important let go of that inner critic and its worrisome nature once and for all!

At Coach Training World, we believe that change is an inside out process. One that includes working with the Whole Person and honoring that relationships are everything. 

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