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Watch Feroshia Knight (Master Coach and founder of Coach Training World) interview Melanie McCloskey, a Whole Person Coach who has quickly become the go-to coach for women business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and startups.
Melanie began her career in the world of sports photography, passionate about celebrating people at a high point in their lives. But after a colleague planted the seed of coaching in her mind, she saw an opportunity to pursue a dream life that aligned with her true passion while amplifying her personal ripple effect in the world.

Melanie’s central focus is working with people who want to get to the core of who they are and create something meaningful within their lives. In addition to individual and group business coaching, she also works with cancer survivors and serves as a hospice volunteer. Don’t miss this portion of the interview (starts around 31:30). These individuals have given her a touching and inspirational perspective on life – one that accepts individual adversity and focuses instead on the beauty and gratitude that can be found in each and every day.

Melanie believes in miracles, not luck. After continuously witnessing profound changes in the lives of her clients, she has come to recognize a pattern: miracles are the result of an individual supporting themselves to align with what they really want. From this point of view, powerful outcomes are not only achievable, they’re inevitable.

“The more I live my deeper truth, the more successful I’ve been,” Melanie says. “Believe in the power of your dreams and where your heart is trying to bring you. Believe that you can overcome any obstacle as soon as you choose to follow your heart. And for heaven’s sake: get a coach. We are not meant to do it alone. No matter where you are on your journey, you can go so much further with help!”

Join Melanie and Feroshia for this personal glimpse into the world of coaching and the approach of a successful business coach who has made authenticity, holistic transformation, and an individual’s personal ripple effect the cornerstones of a highly successful coaching practice.

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