Jamie Fenwick

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Jamie Fenwick Coaching, LLC
Charlotte, NC
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My name is Jamie Fenwick and I am a holistic life coach with a passion for helping Moms to create the life they want. From an early age, I have always taken pride in helping people to live their best lives which led me to pursue and obtain a Bachelor and Masters degree in Psychology and Health and Life coaching certifications.

I, too, have been on my own health and wellness journey for the past 7+ years continually striving for the happiest and healthiest version of myself and want to help others do the same. Through my own self-work and soul searching, I realized Coaching and helping others was one of the missing pieces in my life.

Along with being a life coach, I am a wife and a mother to two beautiful and spirited little girls (Addison and Olivia; 5 and 2 years old) and have worked in corporate America for over 12 years.

I understand first hand the many demands Moms are feeling these days and how little time there is to focus on our own personal goals. I am here to help create that space for women to find their version of a balanced and fulfilled life.

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