In Part 1 we looked at a couple of the unique aspects of Whole Person Coaching, in particular the strategic learning process as well as the unconditional support of a Whole Person Coach. These characteristics are shown to promote the lifelong success of the Whole Person Coaching client.

But there are three additional differences that enable you to tap into your creativity and innovative spirit, supporting you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Amplified success through collaboration
Whole Person coaches are not instructors or teachers in their role as coach. They are collaborators. Throughout this mutual process, your coach will add value by inviting you into new perspectives and fresh approaches.

Many Whole Person Coaches hold a variety of highly specialized trainings and business experience of their own. But in their role as a coach, they offer a third-party, unbiased perspective as an outsider. At times, your coach may seed the coaching conversation with nuggets from their treasure chest of experience, wisdom, knowledge and skills as they relate and support your desired outcome. In doing so, your coach remains unattached to what you ultimately decide – their feelings are not hurt if you don’t act upon their offerings.

Through collaboration, a Whole Person Coach is devoted to you finding and leading your way toward what matters most to you. They know that the mixture of both minds (yours and theirs) often spawn new and improved ways of thinking. And the seeds they spread are merely catalysts for what is really seeking to emerge from the creative process. After all: you are the author and creator of your life!

Value out of every conversation
Your coach understands the true meaning of effective and productive communication, especially within the collaborative experience, and what it takes to keep a conversation focused and on task. You’ll never get lost in conversations that leave you in the same place or spiraling down into feeling stuck or helpless. That’s because a Whole Person Coach possesses the skills that enable you to focus and maximize the potential of every conversation, whether you’re brainstorming new ideas, making a difficult decision, or just need to ‘spit it all out’ to make sense and meaning out of a situation.

The outcome? Clarity, direction and confidence. A Whole Person Coach initiates productive conversations that get you to where you want to go while cultivating the space to fully and truthfully express yourself.

A professional best friend, unlike any other
In many ways your coach is like a best friend, with one exception. A friendship is a two-way street. But inside a professional coaching relationship the only road traveled is the one that leads you to success as you define it.

While most professional coaches are committed to their client’s success, a Whole Person Coach genuinely desires your success in every aspect of life – because someone did the same for them. They know the power of this unique relationship and they are a living example of its success.

When you work with a Whole Person Coach you are working with someone who is highly trained in communication, decision making, strategy, creativity and intuition. This means they know how to listen, ask the right questions, and provide helpful feedback that’s free of negativity, bias, blame, or shame. This unique combination of skills is what gets you into motion and where you want to be.

Your coach knows how to shift gears (and their own approach) when working with you. They quickly recognize when the process can be improved and won’t hesitate to make adjustments. In fact, they are masterful at meeting you where you are at and staying attentive to when things start becoming less effective. A Whole Person Coach is trained to actively enroll you in continuing to be part of this highly effective way of working together, inviting your feedback and readily adjusting to meet your needs.

Your coach is your trusted confidant, a witness to your abilities and the best version of yourself. She or he witnesses and champions you through thick and thin, celebrates your brilliance, moves you toward your dreams, and supports you through problems and pain. More importantly, your coach keeps you motivated and mindful as you progress along your way.

This all-encompassing, forward-moving perspective is another unique strength of Whole Person Coaching. When your inner critic rears its ugly head and threatens to derail you, your coach will help that voice find a better way to contribute to your success and put fear and doubt out of your mind – once and for all!

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