Chelsea King

Chelsea King
Company Name:
Heart Centered Work
Portland, Oregon Metro Area (place based) and Worldwide (virtual)
Coaching Bio:

Chelsea King is a Communication Coach and Organizational Development Consultant with Heart Centered Work. Chelsea believes in self-responsibility, sharing power to create real partnership, and the power of honesty coupled with kindness. She helps leaders and their teams achieve these qualities in their relationships (personal and professional), performance review systems, meetings, and other organizational processes. One-on-one coaching, facilitated dyadic conversation, facilitated team-meetings, and communication training are the primary modalities for delivering these outcomes. Chelsea is also passionate about public service and has served as a director on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board since 2015, where she has been instrumental in board development, equitable policy moves, and responsiveness to the public.  Chelsea loves laughing, travel, deep discussions and espresso and when those are all combined, she’s truly happy.

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