Devdeep Aikath

Devdeep Aikath
Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro, OR
Coaching Bio:

Change is challenging, whether it is beginning our career or changing from one to another, or perhaps a life change of a more global nature. Sometimes we embrace this change voluntarily, and sometimes it is thrust upon us. The only way forward, of course, is to push through. To make sure that this is successful, and that this is an exciting experience rather than an intimidating one, we need to move forward with hope, and a positive vision of our changed self.
With a background in Cognitive Psychology and Data analytics, and a passion for photography and film-making, I bring in experiences from the corporate and the creative spheres to my coaching.
I have experienced and embraced change and diversity, and I am passionate about being your partner and collaborator as you move through career and life transitions. I will help you build upon your strengths and interests, and help you find your ikigai, the niche where you add most value, enjoy what you love doing, and reap the rewards appropriate for your preferred life and lifestyle.

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