Gail Conrad, WPCC

Gail Conrad WPCC / Holistic Innovation Coach
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Los Angeles, U.S.A. (I work with clients worldwide via zoom online video teleconferencing.)
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Hi, and welcome Visionaries, Creative Entrepreneurs, and Innovators!

I'm Gail.
I champion you to be your most courageous self, and help you to unleash your projects and your visions.

As someone who’s done everything from creating large-scale arts and entertainment productions, to collaborating on new technologies and immersive experiences, I get it—it’s easy to feel stuck—like you’ve hit a wall, when you’re working so hard to create something new.

This is why I draw from all of my experiences, including my lifelong exploration of innovation and consciousness, to help you move forward.

Most importantly, I help you to harness your courage. Why?

Because stepping into the unknown and trusting in the process of innovation takes courage.

This is when move beyond your comfort zone, break-through old boundaries, change whatever needs to be changed, heal whatever needs to be healed. You act.

I would love to help you to take this leap—

Make your invisible dream VISIBLE and ACTIVE, and do what you care about the most.

Consider contacting me for a complimentary coaching call!

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