Anni Poikolainen, WPCC, ICF ACC

Anni Poikolainen, WPCC, ICF ACC
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HSP Coach
Global – All sessions conducted online via zoom – Email coaching also available
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Does life give you a hangover?

Are you like so many other empaths and highly sensitive people? Do you feel like simply living “normal” life weighs you down with overwhelm?

Look, I know what it’s like…

When you’ve tried your whole life to “act normal” and “do the right thing”.

When you’ve been suppressing your true self and your true needs and your true preferences in acquiescence to other people’s “shoulds”.

When doing so has left you stressed out and overwhelmed, living a life that’s not exactly what you once dreamed of.

When you know there’s potential hiding inside of you, but your current career is squashing it.

When you know you “should” take better care of yourself, but you can never get it to stick.

When you desperately want to take some kind of action and start making changes.

When you’re not quite sure how to go about it and you’re terrified of making the wrong choice.

When you keep putting it off, because it’s overwhelming and scary.

If any of this sounds like you, then please know that you are not alone!

This is what happens when highly sensitive people have been taught to follow the lifestyles of the less sensitive. When they have been told time and time again that they are “too sensitive” and that they should “just grow thicker skin”.

I’m a highly sensitive introvert myself and I know what it’s like. I know the price you pay when your career or your lifestyle as a whole are not a good match for your personality. I know the obstacles that can hold you back from making the changes you are yearning for.

But I also know that it’s very much possible to turn it all around! I did it myself and I’d love to serve as your guide as you search for and move forward on the right path for you!

As a life and career coach for highly sensitive people, my mission is to help you flourish without burnout. Here are some examples of the kinds of goals my HSP clients are working on:

~make wellness habits permanent
~establish healthy boundaries in relationships
~adopt and employ stress management tools
~improve time management skills
~identify and transition into a career that’s in alignment with your personality and preferences
~transition into self employment
~learn to manage doubts and fears and ease out of your comfort zone without compromising your HSP needs

Ready to take a step forward? Visit my website to sign up for a FREE intro session. In this 30-minute Zoom-meeting, we’ll work on clarifying your goals and talk about how coaching might help you reach them!

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