Christine Terranova, CPC, WPCC

Christine Terranova, CPC, WPCC
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Choose Good Coaching
Connecticut, US, Zoom
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I’m Christine. I support overwhelmed midlife women as you deeply and intuitively self-care for your body, mind, and spirit. I help you to fill your cup, keep it topped off and have enough to share with others.

Do you frequently feel stressed out and lack energy? Do you give and give to others and never take for yourself? Do you live to please other people? Do you wish for more peace in your life?

I know how you feel, I’ve been there too. I was running on fumes - spending all my free time on the couch. At my lowest, I was crying for what seemed like no reason. I decided I would do ANYTHING to feel better.

It was then that I put myself first, deeply caring for myself as much as my family did, and it has led me through a self-growth journey, being coached and becoming a coach so that I can help women feel seen, heard, and nourished. Compassionately caring for yourself allows you to continue caring for your loved ones all by putting yourself at the top of your To-Do List.

As a midlife woman who battles overwhelm herself, I can help you become aware of what you are feeling, accept what you are thinking and take aligned action towards your goals of feeling better. We lay down a foundation of self-care - your way. You'll rest, reflect, and recharge; feeling energized, motivated, confident, and joyful. You'll feel empowered to love yourself and live your truth. The benefits are endless.

I'm here to see you, listen to you, and guide you on your personal journey forward; supporting you as you align your beliefs, thoughts, and actions with your goals - whatever they may be.

We'll discuss any barriers or obstacles you might have in the way of negative thought patterns and we'll comfort the fears that may be holding you back.

You'll feel refreshed and resourced to make peaceful decisions about your personal wellness. You'll feel confident and empowered to set new goals and go after them at your pace and at your energy level. This is your life and you are ready to live it on your terms!

It's never too late to put your own self-wellness first.

You will value who you truly are and come to realize that you are worth it!

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