Emily Shutt, ACC, WPCC

Emily Shutt, ACC, WPCC
Company Name
Umoya Institute
Philadelphia, PA
Coaching Bio

Emily is an ICF-credentialed coach who started her practice in 2015 with a focus on financial literacy and wellness with women and partnered couples. She has been featured in multiple publications and works privately with individuals and couples on a referral basis for financial coaching. More information about financial coaching can be found at emilyshutt.com.

Emily’s focus as a coach shifted in 2017 after the sudden passing of her youngest brother, Thomas. As she began to navigate life after loss, she soon recognized the glaring need for a refreshed approach to spirituality and healthy grief expression in the modern age.

Umoya Institute was publicly launched in 2019 from a calling to reconnect people in reliable, meaningful ways with their departed loved ones. Our loved ones are always reaching out to us, and we only need to learn to listen and receive their messages. We can learn to access this dialogue anytime, anywhere, and feel deeply connected to our loved ones who’ve transitioned.

At Umoya, we seek to heal the divide between the physical and eternal world, in a way that’s practical and accessible for people with “normal” lives. Often it seems like you have to choose between being either “fully woo-woo”, with crystals in your pocket and a medium on speed dial if you want to connect with your loved one, or a staunch “non-believer” who is afraid that if you even entertain the idea that your loved one might live on after death, people will either think you’re nuts, or you’ll end up feeling disappointed or betrayed if you try to connect.

It’s possible to have a meaningful connection with your departed loved ones, without always relying on an intermediary like a medium or past-life regression therapist, even if you’ve always believed you “just don’t have that ability” that others do. You can connect in dreams. You can learn to recognize signs. You can learn to have a dialogue in waking life, and hear your loved one’s voice again. You can learn to feel them with you, supporting you. You can learn to quiet your mind and let your intuition guide you to the messages your loved ones want you to hear. You can learn to live a meaningful, authentic life that honors your loved one’s memory.

Emily draws on personal experience with grief and spiritual development, her training in Past Life Regression (PLR) and Life Between Life Regression (LBL), Reiki Master attunement, MBSR training and coach training (holding the ACC credential with the ICF and WPCC certification with CTW) to support clients in developing a tailored approach to navigating life after loss and rebuilding spiritual connection in an authentic way.

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