Gaining your International Coach Federation (ICF) Credential shows your commitment to the profession of coaching. It also positions you above untrained coaches in a crowded marketplace. But that’s not all, your confidence will soar, knowing that your prospects and future employers can verify your credibility through the ICF database of credentialed coaches.  Plus, research shows that coaches with credentials are not only earning more money but are trusted more by prospective clients.

We believe in and align with the ICF in partnership to support the ethical and best practices of our ever-growing profession and encourage you to join with us in the largest international coaching organization.

Coach Training World’s ICF Accredited Whole Person Coach Certification training offers up to 150 hours of accredited Whole Person Coach training hours, plus all the mentoring, evaluations and practicum you need to earn your ICF Coaching ACC, PCC or MCC credential.The International Coach Federation (ICF) offers the only globally recognized, independent professional coach credentialing program.

The ICF Credentialing Program:

  • Establishes and administers minimum standards for credentialing professional coaches and coach training agencies.
  • Assures the public that participating coaches and coach training agencies meet or exceed these minimum standards.
  • Reinforces professional coaching as a distinct and self-regulating profession.
  • Coaches who have been credentialed by the ICF have received coach-specific training, achieved a designated number of experience hours and have been coached by a mentor coach.

The ICF Credentialing Process:

For your convenience, we’ve outlined the process to become an ICF Credentialed coach. Please verify with the ICF ( for the most up to date information on the credentialing process.

STEP ONE: ICF Accredited Coach Training
Depending on the level at which you wish to become credentialed (ACC, PCC or MCC) – you will attend 60, 125 or 200 hours of ICF Accredited coach training hours. The ICF defines Coach-Specific Training as: ‘Training that is predominantly marketed as teaching coaching skills and not something else and where the major emphasis is on coaching skills or applying technical skills as a coach and in a manner consistent with the ICF Core Competencies.”

STEP TWO: ICF Mentor Coaching
Your next step is to meet your 10-hour, ICF mentor coaching requirement. You may enter this process after completing Core: Essentials & Elements.

STEP THREE: Coaching Fieldwork & Experience
Again, depending on the credential level you are applying for you will be working toward 100, 500 or 2500 coaching hours. Of these hours 75% must be paid or in fair-value trades. If you have questions as to what would be a fair-value trade please feel free to call and ask us or the ICF.

The ICF defines one coaching hour as follows: “For purposes of individual credentialing for ACC, PCC, and MCC, a client coaching hour is 60 minutes coaching time with a person who has hired you as a coach, with whom you have a formal coaching agreement, and who you coach rather than providing any other service such as consulting or therapy. If you perform coaching and other services for a client, you may only count the actual time spent coaching toward certification. You may not count time providing other services.”

STEP FOUR: Submit Your Application & Take Your Coaching Exam
For the ACC Level once you have accomplished your ICF Coach Training, ICF Mentor and Coaching fieldwork hours you may apply online for your credential and take the final online multiple-part test. Click on the correct credential to learn more about the  PCC or MCC requirements.

Associate (ICF) Credentialed Coach (ACC):
The ICF Associate Certified Coach credential is for the practiced coach. It requires:

  • 60 hours coach-specific training
  • Minimum of 100 coaching experience hours; and at least eight clients
  • 10 hours of ICF Mentor Coaching
  • Completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA

Professional (ICF) Credentialed Coach (PCC):
The ICF Professional Certified Coach credential is for the proven coach. It requires:

  • 125 hours coach-specific training
  • Minimum of 500 coaching experience hours, and at least 25 clients
  • 10 hours of ICF Mentor Coaching
  • Performance evaluation (2 audio recordings & transcriptions)
  • and Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

Master (ICF) Credentialed Coach (MCC):
The ICF Master Certified Coach credential is for the proven coach. It requires:

  • 200 hours coach-specific training
  • Minimum of 2,500 coaching experience hours and at least 35 clients
  • 10 hours of ICF Mentor Coaching
  • 2 reference letters of recommendation
  • and Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) (if not already previously taken)