Anil (Neil) Chakkera

Anil (Neil) Chakkera
Company Name:
Chakkera Coaching LLC
Scottsdale, Arizona
Virtually via Zoom
Coaching Bio:

I am certified professional coach and an experienced investment professional who is dedicated to helping clients unlock their full potential. I combine strong analytical, technical, system and process oriented hard skills with well-honed soft skills that include reflective, empathetic listening and a goal-oriented communication style to help clients unleash and maximize potential across their professional and personal lives.

My holistic, system-oriented mindset and philosophy have been driven by my robust cross functional expertise in finance, investments, business strategy and technology shaped by advanced degrees in engineering and business and significant work experience in investment management and software systems development

As a certified professional coach, I am passionate about helping clients find clarity and purpose with various aspects of their professional and personal lives. This includes helping entrepreneurs and small businesses create and execute on their visions and objectives. It also involves helping motivated and growth minded professionals with career transitions and long-term life objectives. My financial background and experience also give me unique understanding and insights to provide effective financial and wealth coaching. All my coaching activities revolve around the backdrop of holistic, whole person, life coaching

Let’s connect and see how I can help you get clarity and purpose in key aspects of your life!!

  • Anil (Neil) Chakkera

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