David Herrera

David Herrera
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David Herrera Coaching
New York City, NY & Remote
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Are you somebody feeling behind in your life or profession, experiencing big change, feeling overwhelmed, having difficulties putting yourself out there, with not enough time/energy to take action, or just not knowing what step to take next?


My name is David and my mission is to use the power of coaching to reach as many people as possible to create a more joyous and connected world where people feel heard, seen, valued, and confident to live their life to their fullest potential.

I work with all kinds of individuals and situations with a specialization on the following two types of clients.

I help people who feel stuck or are undergoing life transitions create a life that is passion-driven, purposeful, and fulfilling as hell.
(career changes, what to do in retirement, relocating/moving to a new place, leaving school, leaving relationships, getting into relationships, mid-life pivots, etc...)

I also help those feeling lonely, isolated, or disconnected from others step into their next level selves and establish meaningful, long lasting connections that make you feel like you matter and belong.

Life can be a rough wild ride. It’s tough when you walk it alone. So let’s walk it together and get you where you wanna be because I guarantee that you are already more than capable.

Feel free to visit my site, linked above, to get more information on who I am and what coaching with me can look like. If coaching together seems like a good fit then please feel free to schedule a consultation through my site or reach out to me through CTW.

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