Jack Azar

Jack Azar
Company Name:
GlideView Coaching
(646) 504-6198
New York, NY
Coaching Bio:

With a family who had the courage to seek refuge from Lebanon in an unknown world and the foresight to find solid ground, Jack would later realize that the inspiration to pursue his path in honor of his heritage was, in fact, innate. His mother and father, whose footsteps paved the way as humble and modest seekers of their own truth would be Jack’s greatest influence on his quest to not only keep the family’s legacy alive, but to help guide those who are curious and ready to do the same for themselves.

GlideView Coaching was established as an homage to the Azar and Khair family lineages for the seekers, explorers, and adventurers who wish to discover the truth within them.

Jack earned his bachelor of arts degree in communication studies from San Francisco State University. He loves to read non-fiction books on sociology, psychology, and self-help, and writes in his journal, meditates, and stretches on a regular basis. Having been born in California, Jack has made New York City his permanent residence.

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